my experience of work from home

yesterday i was reading an article where i read that how some employees are very much comfortable in current practise of work for home while some percent of employees are not appreciating work from home.

I am currently not working so this topic is definitely not my area to discuss.but as we know that work from home is not only a matter of an individual or an employee who is working but also it includes all the members of a family as they are also husband has been working from home since march 2020 and initially i personally loved it as there was no early morning rush for household chores , or breakfast or other morning activities.we were all in our best times.he helped me equally in my house chores so it was easy for me to manage my studies as well.we used to spend a good , leisure time in evening as work from home gives you the advantage of working from anywhere so we enjoyed some trips which were not possible before.

than we moved back to our hometown .initially i enjoyed work for home as it was a dream to work and stay with the family earlier we were never able to stay here more than two weeks.but now we had full time to stay here and spend quality time with our family members.

but with times i realised that now home is giving me office the work from office scenario at least we knew that what are the working hours and what are the non working hours.we knew that when a person is back to home he is just your family person.but now it feels like there is an employee in house who is just always occupied with laptop , meetings and zoom calls.

earlier when we used to go to market on off days of his office for any personal work or for any work we knew that there is no time restriction because it is holiday.but scenarios have changed now , he is willing to do outdoor works in office time also but it feels like a mission to another person as he is under constant pressure that i hope there is no call or hope i don't delay ,or hope i don't take much time .so now that fun of visiting market or shopping malls or any other personal outing has turned into a mission to complete a task within time frame.

people argue that you can give much time to your family in work from home but honestly that's totally wrong and completely a myth which i realised with time .I don't count the time that you are on your laptop screens, because you are physically present here but mentally you are in your respective offices.and when at end of the day you actually log out than you lose the importance of family time because as per you, you were actually present 24*7 at home and now you need some small screen time.


i)you are so much in your comfort zone that whenever offices will resume there will be a panic.

ii)when you were working in offices you had a conversation with your colleagues where you had an exchange of ideas or strategy and it was so much to learn from each other but now it has are just working to complete your task there is no learning ,no exchange of ideas.

iii)health is the main concern which is going to a big issue in a long run .your sitting posture ,your unnecessary munching habits , going outside to eat frequently ,your no fixed routine and many such issues.

iv)isolating from real friends and colleagues interactions and wasting your time on online disturbance.

v)a person who is with you is always confused about your office times or when there is going to be a meeting when he/she should arrange food ,when you are free. as in work from home someday you are too much occupied while at other moment you are completely free

well i know many of you will not agree with me as off course advantages of work from home are many to counter my post but in long run work from home is going to be problematic and it has already started showing as many of work from employees had complained feeling overworked , health issues such as headache , back ache ,obesity and many other problems.hopefully things work well and soon offices resume if we want to restore our routine ,peace and other factors.

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