It was third day of our LADAKH trip we were in NUBRA VALLEY , enjoying nature closely. this place is perfect for nature lovers. from camping to camel rides there are many activities you can enjoy here.

we had to leave early in the morning as that day was pre planned for visiting PANGONG LAKE the must visit place if you come LADAKH. I already googled images of the lake ,saw many videos prior visiting and I knew that PANGONG lake is beautiful and worth visiting. we started our journey exactly at 8:00 am from NUBRA valley we had our breakfast in NUBRA . we just reached halfway and we saw many tourist vehicles were not allowed to go ahead ,our driver looked into the situation and he informed us that due to heavy snowfall and rain routes are closed and the road official were not allowing any tourists to visit PANGONG that day and there are chances that roads wont be cleared for next day too.

listening this our whole energy and enthusiasm went low. I mean visiting LADAKH and not seeing PANGONG LAKE was like visiting Mumbai and not trying Vada pav

(I gave example of Mumbai as this place is very close to my heart).after one hour of discussion & arguments of all the tourists still there was no hope of visiting lake that day . so much was going inside our mind as our Itinerary was fixed we were expected to stay in camps in PANGONG that day .every day was preplanned and bookings were done .I could see disappointment on every face .

we returned back , many passengers returned back to NUBRA but we decided to return back to LEH our hotel from where our journey was initially started , it was around 150 km far .we were full of many emotions , we were upset and disappointed as we didn't have time to extend our travel plans so our whole day was wasted . we didn't know we will get room in LEH or not as it was travel season .we didn't know we will get refund of our PANGONG bookings and above all we were frustrated as PANGONG was on our must visit list .with all mixed emotions we reached our hotel around 2 pm .we were hungry too as we were in hurry to reach LEH so we can book hotel there .as due to network issue we couldn't contact our hotel .

already it was very stressful day for all of us what could happen worse but we didn't knew the day has not yet ended. I accidentally smashed my fingers on the car door while closing it.

I cried in pain as already the day was awful and now at freezing weather my fingers were red and black. Ice was arranged for me and I was wiping my tears and applying an ice pack on my fingers and was cursing the blocked road .

our driver suddenly called us and said I know its already afternoon and you have traveled a lot but if you really want to reach lake today we can take another route via LEH. so basically he was telling us to travel more 250 km after already traveling 200 km from morning. now was the time of real decision with pain in hand , back pain due to bad roads , stomach ache due to hunger and tiredness of the journey do we really wanted to continue this or like normal people wanted to stay in our hotels and quit PANGONG lake visit this time.

initially I refused as I didn't want more adventure for that day as we already had enough but I saw the screenshot of lake in my gallery which I had taken as I wanted to pose like that .

with all overthinking and discussion we decided to become roadies for that day I mean visiting LADAKH already make you half roadie. and also what could be worse than already going day.

we decided to leave after lunch and reach our ultimate destination .so now the real journey started as we were already aware about the bad roads and ongoing construction in this road . as it was expected ,road was real bad for kilometers. our back was hurt

and all I could see was the never ending distance .it was 5:30 pm and already my body was in pain .I was regretting our decision to visit today .all I was saying that ''I swear I don't want to visit this place it has cost me much ,is it even worth visiting??"

but then something happened as we were near to our destination I saw a glimpse of a lake which was blue , green and was in different colors. I don't know what magic happened my eyes were happy my body ache was vanishing my smile was back it was little bit raining there it

was sunset too and this was my first time experiencing magic of colors . we all took a breathe of relief as this all pain and struggle was all worth for this beauty....

we went to our camp which was a bonus for our struggle as they were near to lake and a small village named MAAN , it is located in the DURBUK TEHSIL full of greenery, and it was facing THE AWAITED PANGONG LAKE VIEW .I was dancing in happiness as the view was spectacular and my mind was calm after a long hassle day..



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